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Curriculum Vitae - Georg Pflug

Born on June 10th, 1951 in Vienna. Study of Law, Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vienna, Magister iuris (1974), Ph.D in Mathematics (1976). Assistant Professor University of Vienna (1976-81). Professor, University of Giessen, Germany (1981-1989). Full Professor, University of Vienna (1989 - ), Head of the Computational Risk Management Group at the University of Vienna. 

Visiting Professor at the University of Bayreuth (1979), Michigan State University (1985), University of California Davis (1993), Université de Rennes (1994), Technion Haifa, Israel (1996), Princeton University (2001), University of California Davis (2006).

Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, University of Vienna (2008-2010), Faculty of Mathematics, University of Giessen, Germany (1987-88);

Head, Department of Statistics and Decision Support Systems, University of Vienna (2000-2003);

Member of Senate, University of Vienna (200-2003);

Research scholar, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA (1990 - ) - Risk, Modelling and Society Project (RMS), Risk, Policy  and Vulnerability Project (RPV).



  • Statistics and Risk Modeling (-2014)

Associate Editor:

  • Statistics and Probability Letters (-2007);
  • Stochastic Programming Electronic Publication Series;
  • Central European Journal of Operations Research;
  • Austrian Journal of Statistics, Mathematics of Operations Research (1994 - 1997);
  • Mathematical Methods of OR;
  • Computational Optimization and Applications; 
  • Computational Management Science; Energy Systems: Optimization, Modeling, Simulation and Economic Aspects;
  • Journal of Stochastic Analysis; 
  • Financial Mathematics and Applications; Operations Research; 
  • Statistics and Risk Modeling



  • Council of Scientists, INTAS, Brussels (1999 - 2002);
  • Fellow, International Statistical Institute;
  • Member, executive board of the international committee on stochastic programming (COSP -2004-2007);
  • Member of the board of  INFORM (Austrian Society for Insurance, Financial and Operational Risk Management);
  • Member, Central Research Committee, University of Bolzano/Bozen (-2014),
  • Council of Scientists (Kuratorium), Austrian Science Fund (FWF).


Author of 4 books, editor of 7 books, and more than 90 publications in refereed journals, such as: Annals of Statistics, Annals of OR, Probability Theory, J Statist. Planning and Inference, J. ACM, Parallel Computing, The Computer Journal, Math. Programming, Mathematics of Optimization, SIAM J. on Optimization, Computational Optimization and Applications, J. Applied Probability, Stoch. Processes and Applications, Graphs and Combinatorics, J. Theoretical Computer Science, Journal of Banking and Finance, Quantitative Finance, Risk Analysis, Finance and Stochastics, European J OR, etc. etc.


Organizer of

  • COMETT II Workshop "Simulation and Optimization", Raach (1992);
  • Workshop "Computer Intensive Methods in Simulation and Optimization", IIASA (1994);
  • EURO Winter School "Stochastic Optimization", Semmering (1996);
  • Fourth World Congress of the Bernoulli Society, Vienna (1996);
  • Workshop Stochastic Dynamic Optimization, IIASA (2002);
  • Workshop series "Mathematical Optimization for Financial Models", Semmering (2003),Cyprus (2003), Bergamo (2004); 
  • Workshop “Finance and Decisions”, Bozen (2005);
  • 11th  International Conference on Stochastic Programming, Vienna (2007);
  • Workshop “Models for credit and operational risks”, Bozen (2007);
  • APMOD, Vienna and Bratislava (2008),
  • 7th CMS- Computational Management Science, Vienna (2010);
  • Workshop “Risk Management for Energy Production and Trading”, Vienna  (2013);
  • EWG for Commoditites and Financial Modeling, Vienna (2013);  
  • Winter School on Stochastic Optimization, Gastein (2014);  
  • OR2015, International Conference on Operations Research, Vienna (2015).
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